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Petro 2 Addition and Renovation

We highly recommend travelers who frequent Interstate 81 to check out the new Petro Truck stop in Raphine! The expansion and improvements being made here are impressive. This facility will be one of the largest truck stops on the East coast and houses a wide variety of food and...
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Hillcrest House

Hillcrest House

The Hillcrest House is moving into the finishing stages, with the siding started, solar PV installed, and drywall being sanded. This infill home has incredible views and multiple options for hanging out inside and out. The rear double deck with a screened porch will offer many...
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Kelton Station

Kelton Station is located in a very populated area, making it within walking and biking distance to a lot of shops, restaurants, and even a grocery store.  Since there is so much potential for bicycle uses, we added two enclosed bike houses to store the bikes on-site, unique...
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Dairy Queen – Charter Colony

Charter Colony Dairy Queen may be the most unique DQ in the commonwealth. This family-owned business strives to offer their guests comfort while they are enjoying comfort food. It is a must-visit when you are in Midlothian not only for some excellent soft-serve but also to sit by...
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Blue Ridge Mountain Home

Amazing views have been a hallmark of many of our recent projects and this one is no exception. Poised looking over the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Elk Rock Meadow subdivision this home is designed to capture views and enhance livability. So many of our clients understand the...
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Weiler Ortho

Weiler Orthodontics

We are thrilled to see our small business clients growing and expanding. In 2016 we did a major interior renovation of Weiler Orthodontics clinic to update the aesthetics and improve the functionality of the space. This project was well documented in blog posts HERE, HERE, and...
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Brooder House

We love working with the Brethren Mennonite Heritage Center to preserve our local history and enhance the campus for generations to come. This past summer they approached us to design a brooder house to honor the rich history of the poultry industry in our area. Chick brooders,...
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Fluvanna Home

The heart of good design

When designing a home, it is important to ask a lot of questions to figure out the goals of the new project. Why do you want to expand that room, how do you use this area, and even, what kind of car do you drive? Understanding the specific ways things are happening and how...
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depot windows

Chesapeake Western Depot – Project Update

Lots of progress since the last post about this exciting project. The spaces are starting to look finished and we are excited to see the progress each time we visit.  In order to tell the story of this historic building there was a lot of work done to preserve original parts....
Chesapeake Western Depot

Chesapeake Western Depot project updates

Chesapeake Western Depot project updates Over the last few week there has been an amazing amount of progress at the Depot job site. The electricians have almost finished wiring the entire building. The drywall crew has done an amazing job putting the building back together and...