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Easy ways to Save Money

Easy ways to Save Money

There are many challenges that prevent you from saving money each month. There seem to be bills due everyday and if you are like me, the paychecks don’t flow as fast. A house is one of the most complicated machines you will ever own and it comes with all kinds of financial demands. You have to maintain a yard, keep the gutters clean, trim the trees, clean the carpets, and maintain the roof just to name a few. So where do you turn to save some money on your home? What are the easy ways to save money?

The five most important things you should do this summer that are easy ways to save money on your energy bill:

  1. weatherstrip around all doors – if you can see light coming around the door, then air is coming into your home.
  2. insulate your attic access – scuttle or pull down stair, make it air tight and install insulation or an attic tent to keep the cool air in the cool space
  3. caulk around all electrical outlets inside and out – this is a common leak
  4. install a programmable thermostat (take off the cover and make the electrical box airtight)
  5. get an energy audit by a BPI certified professional


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