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Top blog posts for 2021

Time for another year-end recap, here are the top blog posts for 2021 on the Ga
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Tiny House Architects – Gaines Group Architects gain national honor

Our team at Gaines Group Architects was honored to be named one of the "Best Tiny Home Architects in the US" and the only firm named in Virginia and West Virginia.
Tiny House Kitchen

Project Update: East Johnson Tiny House

The average size home in the United States for a new single family home has grown from 1,780 sf in 1978 to 2,662 sf in 2013. With the growth of the average home footprint also a decrease in the average size of the US family. From this push for bigger homes has come a...

East Johnson Street Tiny House update

The East Johnson Street Tiny House is rolling along. As you might expect, the speed of construction of a home this size is much faster than a larger home. When I stopped by the site earlier this week the house had quickly gone from a hole in the ground to a structure that has...

Project Update: East Johnson Street Harrisonburg Tiny Home

Project Update: East Johnson Street Harrisonburg Tiny Home Dirt is moving and a foundation is in for one of our most recent design projects. The East Johnson Street, Harrisonburg Tiny Home is taking shape. This project is a test to see how you can build small, intentional,...

Green Terms Defined: Tiny House

No matter what you have heard, size matters (when it comes to energy-efficiency). The larger your home the more you have to do and spend to make it energy-efficient and to keep up with maintenance. As a result, the tiny house movement has found a market and is growing in...

Can you live in a “tiny” home? What is “right sized?”

The tiny house movement has gained a huge amount of momentum since Katrina Cottages became mainstream news. Do you think you can live in 150 sf? What about 6oo sf? So what is a tiny house to you? When designing a green home determining the right size for you is as important as...