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Get your Rotary / On the Road Collaborative T-Shirt


Rotary on the road collaborativeGet your Rotary / On the Road Collaborative t-shirts, they are now available for $20. Let me know how many you want!

“I want to make a difference in the world.”

If you have ever said this but feel like you are limited as to what you can do, maybe you should change your perspective. One person might not be able to change the world, but you can change the world for one person. Hopefully you will decide to change their world for the better. It may be a simple smile but even better if it is an outstretched hand of hope and love.

I believe it is our duty to each day work to serve others. This is my “Why Rotary” story. Why, because we serve others.

RotaryRotary allows me to amplify my efforts and multiply my impacts. I call it the magic of Rotary. This year the Rotary Club of Rockingham County partnered with the Rotary Club of Harrisonburg to write a grant to benefit On the Road Collaborative. We are now selling t-shirts designed by On the Road Collaborative students to help fund the grant. This is where each donation, each community member, each action makes a huge difference. We need you to purchase a t-shirt. We can all come together to help our community by offering students love and support through On the Road Collaborative. Sure the OTRC team offers students exposure to different career opportunities taught by community leaders. They give students strong role models to follow. They show students a path for the future that maybe the students did not think was possible for them. However, what I have seen first hand is On the Road Collaborative staff offers love and support to students in our community that may or may not feel that love and support from anyone else in the community.

So how can you make a difference? Purchase a t-shirt. They are $20 each.

RotaryWhen you purchase one, one will be donated to a student participating in OTRC. That $20 directly supports OTRC efforts. If you get a shirt, it has our logo so you can use it to enter the Gaines Group Architect’s Red Wing Roots Music Festival ticket contest. More than anything, you get a cool t-shirt, designed by students, and you show love and support for a student in our community. Check out the contest HERE.

On the Road Collaborative is a non-profit youth empowerment organization that sets under-served middle and high school youth on the road to college and career by connecting them to dynamic educational experiences and caring adults during the out-of-school hours.




Thanks to Brad Cohen for all his work putting this grant effort together!


A huge thank you to Ted Marrs at Abrahamse and Company Builders in Charlottesville for purchasing the first t-shirt! These guys always go above and beyond for their clients and the community. Thanks Ted!


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Rotary Car Raffle

Please help me support three incredible organizations by attending an incredible Party!

Please help me support three incredible organizations by attending an incredible Party!

Join Rockingham County Rotary in supporting First Step, Generations Crossing, and the Rockingham Rotary Foundation with a $150 donation per person. This donation gets you into one of the best parties in the valley. There will be plenty of food, drink, and of course some of the best people around. The party is held on the club level at JMU’s Bridgeforth Football Stadium on April 27th at 7:00 pm. The ticket also gets you a chance to win a 2018 Chevy Cruze. This donation also changes lives. First Step gives women that have been abused a fresh start. Generations Crossing brings old and young together providing them with activities and interaction. Rockingham Rotary Foundation impacts our community and our world. Your donation supports all three!

Let me know if you want a ticket!

Rotary Car Raffle

First Step strives to provide the best possible accommodations for survivors of domestic and dating violence, and their children, who are in need of support services and / or safe shelter. First Step is staffed 24/7 to ensure that safety and availability are their top priorities with a focus on empowering survivors to achieve their goals.

Generations Crossing provides adult and child day care for the Harrisonburg and Rockingham County community. This unique inter-generational program is an opportunity for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school age children to interact with adult participants. Generations Crossing is a non-profit 501 (C)(3) corporation.

Rockingham County Rotary Foundation transforms your gifts into service projects that change lives both close to home and around the world. Our club leverages donations to support local organizations such as On the Road Collaborative, Harrisonburg Soap Box Derby, Love Packs, as well as International projects like Pure Madi.

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Rockingham County Rotary Club

If you want to make a difference, Rotary is the perfect place to start

If you want to make a difference, Rotary is the perfect place to start

I do a lot of volunteer work. I am not saying that to boast, there is a lot of need, I spend a lot of time serving, and it is barely enough to create a ripple in my community. There is so much need. There is so little time. I do a lot of volunteer work and yet there is so much that remains to be done. We live in an imperfect world and we need more good to happen.

Rockingham County Rotary Club

A few years ago a lawyer, Travis Vance, in town asked me to lunch to talk about Rotary. He had heard that I was doing volunteer work and wanted to tell me about his organization. I knew of it, but really did not know the full story. As he spoke about Rotary I could see there was something special about this organization. It turns out that Rotary is magical for those that want to transform their community. It allows a small group of passionate people in Rockingham County to help people across the world. His club, Rockingham County Rotary Club helped people in Limpopo Province of South Africa with a ceramic technology that cleans their water. His club also provides SoapBox Derby cars to kids in town through the Boys and Girls Club. It turns out his club also supports First Step, kids at Christmas through DSS, local parks system, On the Road Collaborative, Ronald McDonald House, Valley Business Keynote, Summer Peace Building Institute,  and purchases books for elementary schools to build financial literacy just to name a few things. This small clubs makes a big ripple in the community and around the world. Travis welcomed me to the Rotary experience and asked me to give it a try.

Rockingham County Rotary Club

What he did not tell me was that Rotary becomes your family. You build friendships each week. You learn about your community. You partner to make your community better for people you may never meet. You do all this with a diverse group of people: men, women, young, old, and you do it as equals, shoulder to shoulder.

Rockingham County Rotary Club

Rotary is built on the 4-way test. It is not an exclusive club that only some can belong to in your community. It is a welcoming group of friends that want to help you make our community a better place. Rotary unites people from all continents and cultures. It allows for the exchange of ideas. It builds friendships and professional connections.

I want to invite you to experience the magic of Rotary. I want to invite you to breakfast with a group of my closest friends. We meet each Tuesday morning at 7am at the Golden Pony restaurant in Harrisonburg. Please come as my guest. If that is too early or the wrong day, don’t be discouraged. There are lunch clubs that meet on Monday and Thursday and a dinner club that meets on Tuesday all in our immediate area. If you don’t live close enough to Harrisonburg, there are clubs around the world. Let me know where you are and I will get you an invitation to your local club.

Rockingham County Rotary Club

I really do believe if we all read the 4-way test and acted on it daily this would be a better world. I know if we all built friendships based on a common interest of making our community better we would all benefit. I know Rotary is magic and you deserve to experience it. I know that having you as part of Rotary will make Rotary better. Please let me know where you are and I will help you find the right club of friends that will welcome you with open arms.


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EMHS Interact Club

Interact Club Charter Celebration – Eastern Mennonite School We Serve

Interact Club Charter Celebration – Eastern Mennonite School We Serve

It was a true honor to assist the Eastern Mennonite School We Serve club charter at an Interact Club sponsored by the Rotary Club or Rockingham County. This club of exceptional young leaders is 40+ strong and perform at least one service project a month. The club President, Abby Stapleton, leads by example with a smile on her face.

Interact Club and Rotary Club of Rockingham County joined together for lunch. They had a chance to talk and get to know each other before the Charter was presented to Abby by Rotary Club President, Charles Hendricks.

At the Charter Celebration, the club advisor, Wendy Stapleton, organized a service project. The students and Rotarians joined forces to stuff bags for one of our area homeless shelters. The bags included some snacks, activity books, and hygiene products.

This club is built for service. They are focused and motivated!

Interact Clubs bring together young people ages 12-18 to develop leadership skills while discovering the power of Service Above Self.

What are the benefits?

Connect with leaders in your community and around the wold to:

  1. Take action to make a difference in your school and community
  2. Discover new cultures and promote international understanding
  3. Become a leader in your school and community
  4. have fun and make new friends from around the world

Can I start an Interact Club?

If your school or community doesn’t already have an Interact Club, you can start one. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  1. A sponsor Rotary Club to provide support and guidance – contact me and I will get things moving
  2. An adviser from your school’s faculty
  3. People ages 12-18 from your school or community who are interested in joining the club
  4. Leaders to organize your club, fine other members, and plan successful projects

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end polio now

Rotary Club of Rockingham County, come visit!

Rotary Club of Rockingham County – We have bacon!

The Rotary Club of Rockingham County is a group of friends that work together to put service above self. We meet weekly for breakfast and we have bacon!


Rotary Club of Rockingham County rotary out to lunch

Rotary International

Rotary International is a volunteer organization of business and professional leaders. Rotarians provide humanitarian service and help build goodwill and peace in the world.  There are approximately 1.2 million Rotary Club members in over 33,000 Rotary Clubs. Clubs span more than 200 countries and/or geographical areas.

Rotary exists to improve communities through humanitarian, intercultural, and educational activities. This is done especially through the efforts of polio eradication. Rotary also focuses on peace building; international education; literacy; clean water; and other community-based projects.


Rotary Club of Rockingham County Rotary club banners

Rotary Club of Rockingham County

Therefore, The Rotary Club of Rockingham County invests in the continued health and positive growth of our local area through:

We partner with other Clubs on broader initiatives.  We’ve worked with the Albemarle County and Massanutten Clubs on a clean water project in Limpopo Province, South Africa through UVA’s Pure Madi program. We are actively partnering with other clubs to organize the Harrisonburg Strawberry Festival . This festival benefits both City and County public parks.


Rotary Club of Rockingham County Rotary Polio

The Rotary Club of Rockingham County is a mid-sized Club with a big heart.  We routinely see 100% participation of members at projects large and small (and social events dressy and informal!).  We’re a Club that is, by its very nature, easy-going. As a Club past president said, “you have to be laid back if you’re going to meet before work once a week!”  However, we are passionately committed to the ideas and goals of Rotary.  Perhaps more importantly:  we’re a Club where you can make a positive impact in your community while making new friends over coffee, bacon, and a good breakfast.


Rotary Club of Rockingham County rotary soap box derby car

Come for a visit!

We invite you to join us at one of our meetings or events.  (You can find us most Tuesday mornings at 7:00 am at the Golden Pony in Downtown Harrisonburg.)  Explore how accepting the Rotary motto of “Service Above Self” will benefit the communities in which you live and work. Also learn more about how it benefits your everyday life.

Rotary Club of Rockingham County end polio now


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Rockingham County Rotary Club

You should visit Rockingham County Rotary Club in January, we have BACON

You should visit Rockingham County Rotary Club in January, we have BACON


One of the best decisions I have made in the last 8 years was to join Rotary. This organization amplifies the good you can do in your community and around the world. Rotary International is a service organization whose stated purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and to advance goodwill and peace around the world. “It is the duty of all Rotarians,” states the Manual of Procedure “outside their clubs, to be active as individuals in as many legally constituted groups and organizations as possible to promote, not only in words but through exemplary dedication, awareness of the dignity of all people and the respect of the consequent human rights of the individual.” The Rotarian motto is “Service Above Self.”


Rotarians pledge the 4-way test at each meeting. This is a great reminder of how to live life, serve your community, and simply how to be better.


Our club, Rotary Club of Rockingham County meets each Tuesday of the week (except holiday weeks) at Golden Pony in Harrisonburg for breakfast at 7am.  We organize a soapbox derby in Harrisonburg and a car raffle to benefit Generations Crossing and First Step. We partner with other clubs (Harrisonburg Rotary, Bridgewater Rotary) to organize the Harrisonburg Strawberry Festival to benefit parks in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. The Ronald McDonald benefit golf tournament done jointly with Waynesboro East Augusta is always a great event. We donate books to the Massanutten Regional Library, have a grant to help supply food backpacks at county schools, and work to end polio partnering with Harrisonburg-Massanutten Rotary with their Polio Tailgate party. Our weekly meetings raise money for the Collins Center and we have donated books to the Broadway-Timberville Rotary Little Free Library. It is a great group of people dedicated to “service above self.” If you want to visit to see if this club is a good fit for you – let me know. If a 7am breakfast meeting each week is not right for you, let me introduce you to members of one of the lunch clubs. There is work to be done and we need you to be a Rotarian to get it done.