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Friend of the firm Red Root & Co. named Best New Food at 2018 Va Food and Beverage Expo

Friend of the firm Red Root & Co. named Best New Food at 2018 Va Food and Beverage Expo

We are always happy to see friends of our firm doing great things in the community. Seeing a small local business grow and find state-wide fame is even cooler. Check out this announcement:

Red Root & Co.

We recently had the surprise and honor of winning Best New Food at the 2018 Virginia Food & Beverage Expo for our Heirloom Garlic Oxymel. The biannual event held in Richmond was the first ever trade show for Red Root & Co. It was a very business friendly and supportive environment for connecting with Virginia producers and local buyers. We are delighted to be recognized with the award and want everyone to try a taste of our winning Oxymel!

Two questions we often hear are— What inspired the business? What is an Oxymel?

Red Root & Co is the culmination of a lifelong connection with botanicals and creativity in the kitchen.  Being a herbalist, lover of nature, and a gardener, Red Root has grown from a passion to share our learning and experience of plants and food with family, friends, and the community .  We want to make this connection available to you through our hand-crafted creations, which are tasty, life-giving, and satisfying.

An Oxymel is an infusion of organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar steeped with fruits, vegetables and herbs, and lightly sweetened with honey. In addition to our Oxymel varieties, we also handcraft a number of other herbal infusions, including Shrubs, Bitters, Tonics, and Syrups.  Our products highlight unique flavors, qualities, and nutrients.  All of our offerings incorporate high-quality, whole botanicals, and we source local ingredients whenever possible.

Our products have culinary, cocktail, and wellness applications. For example, our Heirloom Garlic Oxymel can be used both as a health tonic and in the kitchen – take a little sip in the morning for a quick nutritional boost, or add a tablespoon to warm water, or a savory tea.  In the kitchen, Oxymel works as a culinary ingredient and condiment, and can be added to brighten the flavor of most any savory food.  It is especially delicious on sautéed greens and roasted potatoes!

Through meeting customers at markets and talking with local buyers, we are encouraged by everyone’s support and enthusiasm for delicious products that are fresh and inspiring. Our community is seeking playful and nourishing foods—which makes us smile! You can find our products in Harrisonburg at Friendly City Food Co-op and Lineage, while Food.Bar.Food and Jack’s Hideaway use our products on their menu. Please connect with us at or come visit us at a market. We would love to meet you and introduce you to our products!

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