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Playhouse Construction

Playhouse Construction The playhouse is finally done. The landscaping is in, the lighting is installed, and the roof is secure. It took a week longer than I expected to get all the details right, but my clients (the girls) are happy with the result. It is also very green, with a...
Harrisonburg Home Design

Playhouse updated

Playhouse updated We are almost done with the playhouse. Here are some photos of the progress and a link back to the design phase blog: Click HERE
Harrisonburg Custom Home

Playhouse Design 2011

Playhouse Design 2011 Here is the final version of the new playhouse for those interested. There was a LOT of input from my clients… We got great input from readers of this blog CLICK HERE. I look forward to good weather next weekend and the ground breaking ceremony!

Playhouse Design

Playhouse Design The date has been set to force me to finish the playhouse design. Construction of the new playhouse will begin in a couple of weeks. The ‘playhouse’ started out in the backyard of a friend’s house. He offered the old playhouse that he inherited...