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Top 10 Things to do this Spring for your Home and Health

The trees are blooming, the grass is growing, and my allergies are going crazy, Spring has certainly sprung! With our mild winter here in Virginia, Spring has come at least three weeks earlier than normal. This is great news for those looking to get a head start on those annual...

Building Scientist – Value Added

It is very important that you involve someone who understands building science in your decision to build or renovate your home. Don’t accept “because that is the way we always do it” as an answer as we have learned lessons about why we should not do some things....

Crossroads Farm Home Design

Looking through the neighborhood at Crossroads Farm you can quickly see that this neighborhood is all about views. The home that we designed and that is now under construction situated in an ideal place to provide the home owners with access to the views, but al...
Harrisonburg Home Design

Playhouse updated

Playhouse updated We are almost done with the playhouse. Here are some photos of the progress and a link back to the design phase blog: Click HERE