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Spiders are a Good Indication of Energy Efficency

A tangle of spider webs inside your home is usually a strong indicator of air leakage. Spiders travel on moving air and build their webs where there is plenty of insect activity. This usually coincides with gaps and cracks in your thermal envelope. As air leaks in, spiders have a...
LEED Project

Questions to Ask When Looking for the Perfect Green Products

When you are selecting building products, you may never find a perfect, green solution. Here are some questions you can ask to make sure you select the best green products: Can I reuse what I already have? Can I donate or recycle what I no longer want? What product can I choose...

Citizen Architect – Design Matters

I believe that as an architect I have an ethical duty to design solutions that are energy efficient, durable, and healthy. It is my job to understand the materials that are available in the market today, know how to use the materials effectively, and to know the impacts on indoor...
ICF Construction

Ft. Defiance High Performance Home

Ft. Defiance High Performance Home As we continue to document to process on our high performance home in Ft. Defiance, we will post updates. Here is the first post for this home: CLICK HERE
Harrisonburg Custom Home

Playhouse Design 2011

Playhouse Design 2011 Here is the final version of the new playhouse for those interested. There was a LOT of input from my clients… We got great input from readers of this blog CLICK HERE. I look forward to good weather next weekend and the ground breaking ceremony!

Ft. Defiance High Performance Home

Another high performance home by The Gaines Group, PLC is breaking ground this week. Check out these pics from the site and look forward to more pics as the dirt starts moving. The builder for this project is Tom Lucus. The home will be constructed using ICFs all the way to the roof.