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We need to figure out how to respect the fragile balance of life on earth.

In a recent sermon at Park View Mennonite Church the focus was on our impacts on the environment and the need for our action. Questions were posed about how each of us matter in this challenge. How can each one of us make a difference? How can each one of us create solutions? How...
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Climate Change

My journey with Climate Change as an architect. Trying to find a design solution to save the world.

In 1994 I started my career as an architectural student at a University focused on sustainable design. We did not call it that yet, but the name came soon. William McDonough, that year, was named a hero of the planet by Time Magazine for his innovative design work. He was the new...
Green Expo

Climate Change solutions can save you money. The conversation has started.

There are common sense changes that we could all make that will benefit you directly while also reducing the human impacts on climate change. Cutting your carbon emissions can save you money. Cutting your water usage  can save you money. Using more durable products will save you...