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10. Richard Meier #105architecturalinspiration

I figured out I wanted to be an architect in seventh grade. I took Mr. Price’s communications class which included technical drawing. It was a natural fit for me, giving a creative analytical outlet. At that age, however, I really did not know what being an architect included. I just wanted to design houses.

Richard Meier

When I entered college at UVA, I had a handful of architects that I admired. The one with the most influence on me at the time was Richard Meier. His residential work was predominately clean lines, pure shapes, and aesthetic beauty. It made sense to me. He used proportion, shape, and space to create powerful solutions.

Richard Meier Smith House

Richard Meier Douglas House

One of his more famous works of architecture is the Getty Center in Los Angeles, California which opened in 1997. The project that first caught my attention was his “Smith House” in New York. I also really like how the Douglas House seems to float in a see of greenery. The bridge entrance and exterior stair was always the most powerful part of the design for me.

Richard Meier

In all of Meier’s work, he stays consistent in the use of pure form and materials. I learned a lot about the use of space to create experience while at UVA. Meier’s work was a big part of that study.

Richard Meier

#105architecturalinspirations is a collection of architectural details, buildings, and spaces that inspire me. I am taking on the challenge of finding two projects /people to spotlight each week in 2015. Hopefully I will be able to keep up and this process of discovery will push me to create better design solutions for my clients as I research and learn more about those projects / people I enjoy most. I challenge you to add your comments below about this project and to post your own inspirations for all to enjoy. 

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