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First Friday Featured Artist – Sara Harper

We are thrilled to jump back into another First Friday celebration this month with the artist, Sara Harper. Based in the Shenandoah Valley, Sara Harper explores the depth of nature with line and form in drawings and oil paintings.  Her work evokes a deep appreciation for...
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At Home

At Home Energy: Around the House

This week we went over the different ways to conserve energy using sunlight and rainwater, but if growing your own food and catching rain isn’t fitting for your lifestyle there are plenty of other things you can do to cut down on energy bills! A quick fix that will save you...
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At Home Energy: Hydro

Much like the sun, water also offers many opportunities that can save money and the environment. If you are similar to the vast majority of the population you don’t have a river or waterfall in your backyard to utilize a hydroelectric power generator (which can be extremely...
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At Home Energy: Solar

As the desire to utilize green energy grows, the tools to harness it expand as well. As the options continue to expand the price for green energy continues to drop. Anyone who has had the tiniest interest in solar panels knows just how good of an investment they can be for your...
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Brooder House

We love working with the Brethren Mennonite Heritage Center to preserve our local history and enhance the campus for generations to come. This past summer they approached us to design a brooder house to honor the rich history of the poultry industry in our area. Chick brooders,...
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Hillcrest House

Hillcrest House

The Hillcrest project took shape through the pandemic with a lot of changes happening in our industry and how we communicate. These new stressors that were added to this process tested our systems, and I believe made the Hillcrest House and our design systems even stronger. The...
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Quality Design Could Save Your Life -Ductwork & Insulation

Quality Ductwork for your heating and cooling system is a key factor when it comes to having healthy air in your home. There are many different things one can do to ensure the air you are breathing is healthy, sealed ductwork is the most important. It not only protects your home...
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Quality Design Could Save Your Life – Moisture & Wall Systems

The relationship between moisture and the walls of your home can be a complicated balance. If your home doesn’t have enough moisture it can result in dryness of your respiratory system, cracked wood, and nose bleeds, whereas too much moisture in your home can harm not only...
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Ventilated Fireplace

Quality Design could save your life – Fireplaces & Air Quality

It is no surprise that amidst a pandemic people are spending much more time in their homes. Overall human beings spend a significant amount of time indoors, meaning the air we breathe is a lot less healthy and could affect our overall well-being later in life. This reason alone...
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Keezletown Farmhouse

How Natural Light Benefits your Home and Wallet

Nearly every living thing relies on the energy from the sun, and humans are no different, we need sunlight just as much as the succulents on our windowsills. Natural light provides vitamin D – making us calmer, and more productive as a result. By allowing us to feel closer...
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