Gaines Group Architects

First Friday Art Opening: Photographs by Laurence Heine

Come see us at the Depot on June 7, for the First Friday Art Opening. What a great way to kick off your summer fun – come visit the Depot on First Friday! June 7, 2019 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm Gaines Group Architects – The Depot Gallery (second floor) Laurence Heine is...
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Meg Carpenter Laughlin

First Friday Art Opening: Textures + Textiles with Meg Laughlin

Come see us at the Depot this Friday for the First Friday Art Opening. Each month we host a new artist in our building’s 2nd floor gallery at the Chesapeake Western Depot at 141 W. Bruce St. (second floor entrance is on Chesapeake). Artwork will remain on exhibit through the...
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Rotary Ad

Marketing a locally owned business

I understand that marketing a locally owned business is critical for the survival of that business. However, I find it is difficult to find the right places to invest our marketing dollars for the best return on investment. Most of the ways you can market affordably are hard to...
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Quality matters for insulation installation and maintenance

I find a lot of missing insulation, air leaks, and thermal bridges when doing energy audits. There are many things in a home that can be installed wrong that lead to poor thermal performance (uncomfortable rooms). I find air leaking around light switches, doors, window trim, and...
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Harrisonburg Custom Home

Home in the woods – Project Update

Finding a building site in the city surrounded by trees is rare. This is the second opportunity we have had to design a home for just such a site. How cool is it to be minutes from parks, shopping, and work, but feel like you are in the country. The goals of this home in the...
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Energy efficiency

Our society needs public places to sit and talk

I have never been very good at small talk. “Hey, how you doing, how is work, family doing ok….” Small talk doesn’t allow you to get to know someone and I yearn for deeper connections. However, it is sometimes scary when you engage in small talk and someone...
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Red Wing Roots Festival

Music, Father, Daughter, Love

I am updating this post and deleting parts. I just don’t have words for the heartbreak and the words I shared before are not enough. Over the last few years both girls and I have attended Red Wing Festival together and consider it a highlight of our summer. I enjoy the...
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First Friday Art Opening

First Friday Art Opening: From the Valley to the Bay: a book in the making

Come see us at the Depot this Friday for the First Friday Art Opening.  We are hosting a group of art teachers from Rockingham County. Their show From the valley to the Bay: a book in the making will look at how our local actions impact the Chesapeake Bay. Each month we host a...
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Washington DC

Inspirational Architecture in Washington DC

Each year I get the opportunity to visit Washington D.C. to give a presentation at the Department of Energy for the NEED project. It is always a highlight for me to make this trip which I also combine with a visit to some of the museums and / or monuments. The inspirational...
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facebook logo

Blogging and Social Media for the Construction Industry

Blogging and Social Media use for the Construction Industry is an interesting topic for me that continues to evolve in how I see it. Social Media in our industry is brand new to some even today, a waste of time to others, and old hat to many. I used to do presentations on how to...