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Post Pandemic – Public Use Doors – what can you do to make things safer

In the post-pandemic things need to change. I am reading articles on new standards for schools, retail, grocery, church, and any other place groups of people might pass through. So each of these have one thing in common - public use doors.
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Colosseum Rome Italy

Architectural Assignment – Home School 101 Architecture – The Colosseum

The Colosseum, also called the Coliseum and Flavian Amphitheater was designed by Vespasian.
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Press Release: Single-Family Trends 2020

New home construction and remodels are some of the biggest and most intensive projects homeowners undertake. Construction and remodeling trends change rapidly, and now that 2020 has kicked off a new decade, people are looking to update their homes now more than ever. Today's...
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Kitchen Renovation

Does your kitchen need an upgrade?

Understanding the goals for the "life you want to live" is the first step for designing a solution like this one. As an architect I have been trained to hear your goals and translate them through spatial solutions that provide the framework to achieve those goals. If you are...
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Is your home keeping you healthy and comfortable while killing the Corona Virus?

So my next call was to Jay Monger at Excel HVAC to discuss options. I knew I wanted a high efficiency system. However, I just purchased a home, so money was tight. We discussed options and he ran a Manual J load calculation to verify the size of the air conditioner needed. If...
front porch

Upgrade your house with a new front porch

This client wanted to upgrade the aesthetics of their home because they loved their neighborhood, but the house was just not what they wanted. So part of the project included an upgrade of a new front porch.
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stage Renovation

Stage Upgrade – Plan now for your renovation / addition

Every now and then an opportunity comes to you that you just cannot pass up. A few years ago the team that organizes Red Wing Music Festival asked us to think about what the permanent stage at Natural Chimney could become. We quickly got to work on the stage upgrade for this...
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Steel Wheels

On this day: Pandemic, Politics, Survival, Home School, Small Business, and remembering to make dinner

On this day life is hard. We are each not in the same boat as I have heard so many say. Some of us have a nicer boat than others. Some of us have a boat with a hole in it. Some of us don't have a boat at all, but are holding to the hope of something floating by to hang on so we...
Hamilton New York City

Architectural Assignment – Home School 101 Architecture – Richard Rodgers Theatre

The task for this week was to pick an architect with work built in the U.S. I picked Herbert J. Krapp. He lived from 1887 to 1973. He lived for 86 years! One of his buildings is the Richard Rodgers Theatre. I picked this one in particular because it is the theatre that Hamilton...
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Smithsonian American Art Museum

Architectural Assignment – Home School 101 Architecture – Smithsonian American Art Museum

Architectural Assignment - Home School 101 Architecture - Smithsonian American Art Museum
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