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Life of an architect – work anniversary

My first day at work for a small architectural firm, Raymond E. Gaines, Architect, in Charlottesville, Virginia was January 4, 1999. I have now been "in the profession" for 21 years.
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Meadow Branch Apartments

Design Matters for a healthy and happy future

Design Matters for a healthy and happy future. Ask for better solutions, celebrate beauty, and demand more quality. Design Matters.
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Chesapeake Western Depot

Top blog posts of 2020

Check out the top blog posts of 2020 and give some feedback on what you want to see featured in 2021
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construction Specifications institute

Our team continues to build knowledge – Deborah and Caitlin now hold their CDT Certification

Our team continues to build knowledge - Deborah and Caitlin now hold their CDT Certification
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365 intentional acts of kindness, please join me #rocktownresilient #365actsofkindness

I have decided that this coming year I am going to do 365 intentional acts of kindness. Please join me in making our world a little brighter for others. #rocktownresilient #365actsofkindness
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Harrisonburg Modern House

Energy-efficiency home hacks

Here are some energy-efficiency blog posts I have written over the years. I hope these will help you narrow down those vampire loads, cold room mysteries, high energy bill conundrums, and generally help you save money, live more comfortably, and improve your indoor environmental...
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Gaines Group Architects

Help my small business survive

I need your help. If I have designed a project or answered questions for you - custom home, renovation, addition, business, school, church, energy-audit, phone consultation - would you please write an online review for me?
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kelton station

Kelton Station Apartments, Williamsburg: under construction

Adrienne and her team, led by Ray Gaines are working on luxury living communities around the commonwealth. One that is now under construction is Kelton Station Apartments, a 204 unit Earthcraft Multifamily project. Located in Lightfoot, just north of Williamsburg, Va, this...
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Habitat Porch

Design for Connection

As human beings, we need a sense of belonging, connection, we need to gather. Social connection can lower anxiety and depression, help us regulate our emotions, lead to higher self-esteem and empathy, and improve our immune systems. As I think about the projects I have worked on...
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Why architecture?

Why architecture? Because we make clients happy, builders look good, reduce call backs, improve energy efficiency, and help create beauty in this world. #designmatters
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