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5 over 4 Craftsman

Intentional Design is the best way to build affordably

When we design a home it is sort of like putting together a jigsaw puzzle where you don't have a picture of the finished product. We start the process by establishing the goals or program - the number of rooms, types of rooms, budget goal, view opportunities - the program is...
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Design Matters, having a plan before construction is the key to success

We talk about it all the time, design matters. Having a plan together before construction starts is the key to success. This goes for all products.
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You are not invited to attend this fundraiser!

You are invited NOT to attend! We need your help to support two local non-profit organizations in our community. The Rotary Club of Rockingham County is pleased to invite you not to attend another virtual fundraising event. Rather, we hope you will purchase a $100 ticket for a...
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basement insulation

The air we breathe and why design matters

We have never thought so much about the air we breathe as we do now. After a year of working remotely, I returned to the office this week, sharing space with four other businesses. I also had a few people drop-in, from delivery drivers to clients to friends that I had not seen in...
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Young Construction Professional Networking

Join us tonight for another CVCSI Young Construction Professional Networking Virtual event. Tonight we welcome Brian Nixon and then will have a conversation and network with each other. This group meets monthly and is a chance to ask questions, support one another, and grow your...
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ICF wall

Is your home resilient?

Most wish lists for a new dream home have some very similar elements: lots of light, an open plan, and a nice kitchen. If I am involved there is also some discussion about efficiency, durability, and comfort. However, I have not heard from many clients that they want a resilient...
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