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Red Wing Academy returns for First Friday

We absolutely love supporting and partnering with Red Wing Academy each year. The students get the amazing experience of learning from area musical experts and some of my favorite people ever. Red Wing Academy is hosted by Eric Brubaker of The Steel Wheels as a four-day intensive...
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Job Shadowing virtually from the University of Miami

University of Miami life has included a few fun days at Key Biscayne, a lot of late nights in the architecture studio, and a ton of thinking about my future career as a licensed architect. Despite only being a rising third year at the University of Miami’s School of...
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Blue Ridge Mountain Home

Project Update: Blue Ridge Mountain Home

We had the pleasure of stopping by our Blue Ridge Mountain Home project and were thrilled to see the final stages of construction wrapping up. It is a special experience to walk through and experience this new home after carefully crafting the design with our clients. To catch up...
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How the space feels changes everything! #interiordesign

We are seeing many more commercial clients exploring #interiordesign to make their customer experience even better these days. This often starts with a space update. How the space “feels” changes everything! The colors, textures, light, furniture, and flooring all...
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Best of the Valley – TOP 5!!

You did it, you boosted us into the Best of the Valley – Top 5!! Voting has opened now to determine the Best of the Valley and two runners-up. Voting is open from June 25 – July 2 and you can vote daily to show us your support and help our chances. We greatly...
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blue ridge mountain home

Taped ducts during construction protect your investment

As we continue to see costs increase for construction it becomes even more important to follow proper protocol during construction. On a recent visit to a job site, I was thrilled to see taped ducts during construction protecting my client’s investment. If the ductwork is...
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Mind Behind the Design: Paul Tassell

Architect, family man, explorer, and coach; all of these are hats worn by Gaines Group teammember Paul Tassell. Paul began his career at the Gaines Group in 2002 and we are excited toshare more about him and his journey below. Paul grew up in Albemarle County where from a young...
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elk rock meadow modern home

Modern House on the mountain

We are grateful for the string of modern home designs we have been trusted to work on over the years and now the modern house on the mountain is taking shape. Surrounded by a stunning backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this modern home takes advantage of the magnificent views...
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Serve your community through Rotary

Service to my community is my why. It has shaped our business mission statement and it drives my decisions. How can I do the most good for others often allows me to decide what committee to give time to and what non-profit to support. The one organization that does it better than...
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Rotary in Ukraine

Today I had the honor of attending the Rotary Club of Kyiv Ukraine special meeting to hear how Rotarians are working in their country. When the war started Rotarians immediately sprung into action and started feeding people. The train workers did not leave their posts for a full...
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