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Entry-Level Architectural Intern – Charlottesville

Gaines Group Architects is growing again. Join our team in the Charlottesville office as an entry-level architectural intern. We are searching for a community-focused entry-level design professional to add to our team. The architectural intern position will serve to support...

Best of the Valley – Round 1

We are honored to be nominated in the Daily News Record Best of the Valley contest in several categories and humbly ask for your support by casting a vote for Gaines Group Architects. There are many awesome companies on the list and we understand that you will have a hard time...

Cabin on the mountain

Finding just the right site to build your dream house is a chore for sure. This building site for a cabin on the mountain would check a lot of boxes for a lot of people. We are truly lucky to have the opportunity to help with a project like this one. As we started working through...
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Reduce your energy bills with these easy changes

You can reduce your energy bills with these easy changes: Turn off lights when not used and phantom loads to cut wasted energy. What are phantom loads? Use a clothesline instead of a dryer. Get an energy audit to figure out how your home is performing. We do a light version for...
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Rotary is 115 today!! #serviceaboveself

Rotary is celebrating a birthday. This organization founded by Paul Harris on February 23, 1905, is 115 today!! With a core mission of #serviceaboveself, these business leaders in Chicago set out to build a better community. Using their influence and power they used service, the...
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Celebrate joy, hope, and love

As an architect, I am trained to think about problems–the things that are not working–and develop solutions to fix them. Design matters, and through design, we can build a better future. This requires trust, hope, faith, and experience. You must learn from your past...
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Petro 2 Addition and Renovation

We highly recommend travelers who frequent Interstate 81 to check out the new Petro Truck stop in Raphine! The expansion and improvements being made here are impressive. This facility will be one of the largest truck stops on the East coast and houses a wide variety of food and...
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Muddy Creek Modern House

Light, delicate, and open; this modern house brings in warmth and comfort while capturing views acrossthe valley. Modern architecture is sometimes thought of as being cold due to its use of concrete and minimalization of details. Thus, the desire to create a modern house...
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Welcome to our team Annie Frazier

It’s a new year and the Gaines Group is welcoming a new face to the team. Annie Frazier is the most recent addition to the Harrisonburg team and she is eager to begin her journey. Although she doesn’t have design-related credential initials behind her name (yet), she is...
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Empathetic Design #YAWS2022

#YAWS2022 is an innovative architectural conference focused on helping architects be better people hosted by Young Architect. My topic is Empathetic Design or how to use empathy as a design tool to serve your clients while serving your community.
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